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Frequently Asked Questions

1I have a valve on site and need assistance with it, can you help?

At Enserve, our friendly sales and technical staff is only a call away. We can assist with identifying your valve on site and in some cases remotely, removing it from site, refurbishing it back to OEM standard, testing it to the applicable standard, installing it on site and maintaining calibrations, checking for emissions or seat leakage. In some cases, we can even carry consignment stock of the valve to assist in breakdown situations.

2What information do I have to give for Enserve to be able to provide a quotation on a valve?

The basic information any valve company would require is:

  • What Type of valve do you require?
  • What is the Size of the valve?
  • What is the Pressure Class Required?
  • What is the Flange Detail or End Connection requirements?
  • What are the process conditions? (Flow Rate, Product, Temperature, Pressure Fluctuation etc.)
  • What is the operation required? (Manual or Actuated) and Type of actuation
  • With control valves like Fisher, we need only the part numbers of the parts you require and the Model number or drawing of the valve.
3Are your Spare Parts Offered up to OEM standards?

In a nut shell Our partners at Gem-Trim offer their 75 years’ collective experience on their products:

  • At an equivalent or higher standard due to the fact that they are all manufactured in-house in America
  • Providing drastically reduced lead times
  • 20% - 40% Reduced cost
  • Carrying better warranty periods compared to OEM’s
  • Local support through leaders in industry
4Can you offer your services outside of South Africa?

Enserve has an international footprint and our team of professionals has completed projects across the African borders numerous times. Our site personnel are well equipped to handle small to large projects and shutdowns at a moment’s notice.

5Do you offer after hours support?

To our clients we offer a 365-day 24/7 breakdown service on all valves refurbished by Enserve. We also carry a year’s workmanship warranty on all valves Enserve refurbishes. This offers peace of mind to the customers we deal with, as well as an added bonus of carrying consignment stock on the critical valves the customer’s request.

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