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Dyna-flo Control Valves

  • Dyna-Flo Control Valve Services, a business unit of Curtiss-Wright, has been developing and manufacturing process control equipment for nearly 30 years
  • Leading producer of high-quality globe and rotary control valves & actuators
  • Control Valves are manufactured in Canada to high quality and inspection standards
  • Many of the Dyna-Flo control valve range is 100% guaranteed and interchangeable in fit, form and function to the Fisher control valve brand
  • For the Oil & Gas industry Dyna-Flo cast the body and bonnets at an approved foundry in Canada for the South African Petro-Chemical industry

Clarke Valves


Innovative and patented Control Valve Design Drastically Reduces Total Cost of Ownership with Precise Control

Clarke Valve™, a portfolio company of Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures, and Oil & Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI), has the most technologically advanced product offering in the industrial control valve space. In a short amount of time, Clarke Valve, has become an established player in the industry, forging strategic partnerships with 13 of the biggest oil and gas companies in the world, including Saudi Aramco, Chevron, Shell, ExxonMobil, Total and BP.

Below some of the advantages of the SHUTTER VALVE:

  • Lower cost, Greater Value. Up to 80% less cost than equivalent globe control valves.
  • Low Emissions. It has the most stringent API 641/ISO 15848-1:2015 certification virtually eliminating any fugitive emissions.
  • Easy to install and service due to its reduced size and weight.
  • Precision throttling. The Shutter Valve delivers dynamic and precise control with up to 500:1 range ability and very low torque.
  • Compact and Light weight. The unique geometry delivers equivalent flow rate to common globe valves, from a body as small as 1/5 the size and 1/5 the weight while still meeting or exceeding ANSI B16.34 wall thickness requirements.
  • Longer Lasting. The Shutter Valves curved petals have the ideal precise shape to dramatically reduce the cavitation and turbulence experienced with common control valve designs, even at high pressure drops. Flow path through the Shutter Valve drastically reduces erosion on valve body and downstream pipe.
  • Low Torque. The Shutter Valve’s interlocking petals open perpendicular to the flow direction requiring a fraction of the mechanical force used to operate globe control valves and other designs. This allows for lower cost, smaller and lighter actuators that consume less energy.

Larner Johnson Valves


Enserve has partnered with Blackhall Engineering in South Africa and is currently the exclusive agent for to assist with the Larner-Johnson Valve range.

The Larner-Johnson® valve is a plunger or needle type flow control valve used for in-line pressure or flow control applications and offers fine (full range) adjustment. Mostly used in dams and water pumping applications, controlling high velocity flow through large pipes with minimal turbulence, even when partially open. The valve can also be used for free discharge control at pressures above that of the Fixed Cone valve.

The Larner Johnson Valve range has an enviable reputation for longevity. They have valves currently in service that were installed more than 100 years ago, an incredible achievement.

Control Valves

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